How to deal with internet trolls

I wrote an article couple of years ago on how to deal with negative comments on social media. My number one piece of advice was 'don't attempt to ignore or delete the negative comment'. I'm now updating that recommendation to include... Don't feed the trolls. Posted by Becca We manage the social media accounts for a wide variety of businesses and 2016 has been the year of brand engagement. From those looking to sell their products directly to the public, to business-to-business accounts, we've seen a massive increase in engagement from their potential customers on Facebook, Twitter,…Read more

Our Favourite Free WordPress Plugins

With the plethora of WordPress plugins available, it's often tricky to decide which one to use for what. Here's our list of  go-to free WordPress plugins: Useful WordPress Plugins for contact forms Contact Form 7, Takayuki Miyoshi ReCapture, Google Free WordPress Plugins for layout Max mega menu, Tom Hemsley Meta Slider, Matcha Labs SEO WordPress Plugin Yoast SEO, Yoast Social media integration Plugins & Widgets Easy Twitter Feed Widget, Google Places Reviews, Devin Walker Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget, Lucy Tomás Free Plugins & Extensions for Woocommerce Woocommerce WooCommerce Better Product Add-ons Woocommerce CSV Import, Allaerd Mensonides…Read more

The Best Corporate Social Media Response of 2015

Tesco's response to this man's tongue-in-cheek complaint about a missing rasher of bacon: In his post, Mr Roberts asked the retail giant what they intended to do “about this cruel act of betrayal.” A Tesco spokesperson replied: “Well, it sounds like you've gone through a whirlwind of emotions for a Sunday morning.”   See the full post on FacebookRead more

5 SEO Improvements Every Website Owner Can Make

With Google looking at over 200 factors to rank a website in its search results, it’s no wonder website owners get confused about what they can do to improve their pages. Here are five SEO improvements all website owners can do to a page to help it count in search engine listings: 1. SEO-Friendly URL This means nothing to search engines: Use a short key phrase instead e.g. Aim for 3-5 words in the key phrase and separate each word with a hyphen. 2. Page title Aim for a page title…Read more

Fix Mobile Usability Issues Warning From Google

Google is sending notifications to webmasters with websites that are not deemed mobile-friendly with the header 'Fix mobile usability issues found on [your site name]'. The notifications, sent by email and Google Webmaster Tools, tell the webmaster: "Google systems have tested XX pages from your site and found that 100% of them have critical mobile usability errors. The errors on these XX pages severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website. These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users."…Read more

Ten ideas for social media posts

Stuck for what to tweet or post? Here's some inspiration with our 10 ideas for social media posts. 1 Daily/Weekly tips and advice Aim to use a regular slot to post a top tip from your industry. eg #EnergySavingTip replace just one old light bulb with an energy saving recommended one and reduce lighting costs by up to £78 over the lifetime of the bulb! #MarketingTip Post a relevant top tip once a week  2 Share key statistics & data Use infographics to explain complex information in pictures or use (& credit) someone else’s…Read more

How to measure and increase website conversion rates

For most businesses and individuals, the purpose of having a website is to get your potential customers to DO something. Whether that's to buy your product, enquire about your service or simply to raise awareness, every website owner has the objective to convert the visitor. The conversion rate of a website measures this objective. For eCommerce sites measuring the conversion rate is a little easier as the objective is usually to get people to buy (which can obviously then be measured by the number and value of transactions). For information websites and service…Read more

How to deal with negative comments on social media

Social media is a prime meeting place for you to interact with your customers. Most of the time it's a positive place full of happy people. But, occasionally, people will use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and others to vent their frustration - whether justified or not - at your business. Here's my strategy for dealing with negative comments on social media. Posted by Becca 1. Don't attempt to ignore or delete the negative comment. Social media is a public forum. The poster's comment has been posted publicly for others to see and…Read more

How to reach more people on Facebook organically

Our Facebook page was running pretty smoothly. We had a good number of loyal fans, and people seeing - and engaging with - our posts. Then this happened:   The change in Facebook's news feed and its resulting decline in page post views is pretty well documented, with page owners everywhere up in arms their fans could no longer see posts in their news feed. Facebook's explanation was down to post volume: "It’s possible that an update you post on your Page may not be shown to everyone who likes your Page because…Read more