Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners: How to use Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners: How to use Google Analytics The Google Analytics interface is very intuitive to use, but it's also huge! This tutorial from is a guide for complete beginners and shows you how to navigate Google Analytics to find the information you need about your website traffic. This guide is aimed at website owners who already have a Google Analytics account with the tracking code installed on the website. Step-by-step guide on how to view: Audience overview Number of visits ('Sessions') and number of visitors ('Users') Pages viewed and…Read more

Write a Winning Twitter Bio

Describing yourself in 160 characters or less isn't easy. It's not a lot of characters. But a strong Twitter bio should draw your potential followers in by letting them know who you are, what you do and where they can find out more. Here are my dos and don'ts for creating a strong bio on Twitter: 1. Don't leave your bio blank! Don't presume you're interesting enough for people to click on your profile and check out your tweets without a bio. Entice them with a clear bio. And please don't be an…Read more

Woocommerce WordPress Tutorial – How to add products, edit products & create variable products

Woocommerce Wordpress Tutorial A tutorial for the Wordpress ecommerce plugin Woocommerce from How to add simple products, how to add variable products and how to change your shipping class. This how to video, by Becca from UK-based Goldilocks Marketing, uses a demo website to give you a practical overview of how to add and edit your ecommerce website in Wordpress. It assumes you already have a Wordpress website set up with Woocommerce installed and you now want to edit it. A beginners' guide that shows you how to add and edit simple…Read more

You can now exclude known bots from your Google Analytics reports

Google has announced a new feature within analytics that lets you filter out known bots and spiders from your website traffic results. Hooray! Bots and spiders are automated programmes that scan websites  – this includes search engine's own bots checking out your website for new articles etc, as well as the malicious ones who might visit for example to harbour your email address so they can spam you. Whilst there's currently no surefire way to stop the malicious ones visiting your website (without paying a lot of money for a list of bots's IP addresses and…Read more

WordPress Tutorial: How to Edit a Website in WordPress (video)

Wordpress Tutorial: How to Edit a Website in Wordpress This Wordpress tutorial is a beginner's guide to editing and adding pages and posts in Wordpress from Becca at Goldilocks Marketing... Using Wordpress to edit your website is very straightforward and this guide shows you how in seven minutes. This how to video uses a demo website to give you a practical overview of how to edit your website in Wordpress. It assumes you already have a Wordpress website set up and you now want to edit it. This tutorial shows you how to: Edit…Read more

Ten marketing mistakes small businesses make

Owning a small business can be tough. As well as doing your day job, you have to take care of finance, HR, admin and marketing. Here's ten marketing mistakes we've seen small businesses make, along with our tips on how to avoid them. Ten marketing mistakes small businesses make (and how to avoid them)   In summary, our top ten marketing mistakes small businesses make are: 1. Not knowing who your customers are and what they want 2. Underestimating the importance of online representation 3. Marketing frequency and inconsistency 4. No clear call…Read more

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs

If you write your company blog but you're not managing to engage your audience, use this infographic by Copy Blogger as your new checklist before publishing: Highlights: Craft a magnetic headline. Open with a bang. Use persuasive words. Write damn good sentences. Insert killer bullet points. Create exquisite subheads. Tell a seductive story. Keep attention with internal cliffhangers. Choose an arresting image. Close with style. Be authentic.Read more

15 words to use in your email marketing subject line

Online email marketing provider Campaign Monitor analysed email open rates from 360,872 campaigns over fifteen months (a sample of 3,941,735,015 recipients!).  They used this data to discover which words - and the order of these words - in the subject line resulted in the highest open rates. Whilst there's no magic formula to the perfect email marketing subject line, the study concluded the following 15 'power words'. First word: Open % Change Last word: Open % Change Customer's first name 14.68% Invitation 9.45% 7.69% Introducing 7.36% We 5.87% A 4.09% Your / You / You!…Read more

What Your Small Business Needs To Know About Pay Per Click Advertising

This infographic from Design Infographics is a nice little starter guide to using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as part of your digital marketing mix: INFOGRAPHICS DETAILS: WHAT YOUR SMALL BUSINESS NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING - Driving traffic to your website is a crucial part of increasing brand awareness and maximizing your business's sales. Unfortunately, attracting a large volume of visitors to your local business’s site quickly and on a limited budget can be difficult. - There a wide range of methods you can use to increase your site's traffic, and one…Read more