Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners: How to use Google Analytics

The Google Analytics interface is very intuitive to use, but it’s also huge! This tutorial from is a guide for complete beginners and shows you how to navigate Google Analytics to find the information you need about your website traffic. This guide is aimed at website owners who already have a Google Analytics account with the tracking code installed on the website.

Step-by-step guide on how to view:

Audience overview

  • Number of visits (‘Sessions’) and number of visitors (‘Users’)
  • Pages viewed and average number of pages viewed by visitors
  • Average time spent on your website (‘session duration’)
  • Bounce rate
  • New visitors (‘% new sessions’)
  • Audience location – which country & town your website hits come from

Audience behaviour

How many are new vs existing customers

Audience Technology

  • Which browsers and operating systems your visitors use
  • Screen resolution of your visitors’ machines
  • Your visitors’ networks
  • How many visits are via a mobile or tablet


How visitors find and access your website

Search engine optimisation

How people find you through search engines (or don’t…)