5 SEO Improvements Every Website Owner Can Make

With Google looking at over 200 factors to rank a website in its search results, it’s no wonder website owners get confused about what they can do to improve their pages. Here are five SEO improvements all website owners can do to a page to help it count in search engine listings:
SEO improvements

1. SEO-Friendly URL

This means nothing to search engines:


Use a short key phrase instead e.g.


Aim for 3-5 words in the key phrase and separate each word with a hyphen.

2. Page title

Aim for a page title of around 55 characters and include your key phrase.
SEO improvements

3. Page content

a) at least 400 words per page

b) use the key phrase in the first 100 words

c) include similar and related key words

d) include links to authority websites (and social media)

e) use visual media (images, pictures and videos)
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4. Optimise your image file name and ALT tags

Save your image as something meaningful before uploading. An ideal title would be your key phrase. Then describe that image in your ALT tag, using the title or key phrase if appropriate.

5. Optimise your site for mobile devices

A non-responsive site increases the bounce rate on mobiles and tablets, suggesting to Google poor interaction. Make sure your site works on mobile devices.