Marketing metrics – measuring the success of your marketing campaign

Assessing the effectiveness of your marketing activities is essential. Every business owner knows that. So, when it comes to it, why are many small business owners struggling to accurately measure how well their marketing is performing? I believe it's partly because, when you really know your business, your 'gut' feeling about the performance of a particular campaign is often right. If your shop is busier the week you're running an advertisement in your local paper, it's probably no coincidence. But, what if, that same week you launched your new website and you sent…Read more

Writing a strategic marketing plan

In this article Rebecca Grainger, director of Goldilocks Marketing, gives an overview of what marketing is, why it is necessary, the basics of writing a plan and how to measure its success. What is marketing? "The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably." Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Marketing means business decisions are based on what the customer actually wants and needs, rather than just selling what the business has to offer. As a business, you can use the concept of marketing to: Understand your customers’ needs Match your…Read more